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Let's build your business.
Cheers to the actual best year of your life in 2023. 

1-on-1 Total Business Build

$5,000 investment

Applying does not guarantee you will be accepted into this program.  I will only accept clients that I know I can help at least double their income. Please allow 30 days for a reply.


Whether you have no idea what business you want to start, just an idea, or a business that needs improvement, I will help you take it to the next level. With my 5 session program, we will dive into what you want to build, why you want to build it, and how to get it done so that you can start making money in your sleep. I will hands-on assist with every single aspect from business ideation, to legal formation, site building, automation flows, all the way through your first new sales. My system works for ANY business you're in and I guarantee you'll make your investment back x10 within the first 18 months. How's an extra $50,000 sound?

The Process

If accepted into Total Business Build, we will meet virtually on 5 occasions for a minimum of 90 minutes. Each session is tailored to the 5 building blocks needed for your business' success.

Week 1 - Why (90 minutes)

In our first session we will discover through three purpose exercises why exactly you want to start or improve your business. This is the most crucial step in creating a business that lasts a lifetime and beyond. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you've come to the wrong place. If you don't have a business idea yet, this is also the call we will discover what lights your fire.

Week 2 - Foundational (90 minutes)

In our second session we will create a business plan & deck for your new or current business and discover what legal formation steps make sense for your business (DBA, LLC, C or S Corp, B Corp, Sole Proprietor, etc). If you have an existing business, we will make sure your current formation makes the most sense. We may work with my lawyer (or a firm of your choosing) to form your business name (if needed) in your state. Formation costs are at your own additional expense. This session is specifically tailored to tying your why to how you operate the culture at your company (even if it is just a company of 1!) - and what legal foundation best supports that.

Week 3 - Systems (3 hours)

In our third session we will build and complete your website. Yes, the whole thing! Domain name and site plan are at your own additional expense (about $150/year). We will also integrate any automations for customer payment plans, customer service, and any additional systems needed to make your business run smoothly without your constant intervention.

Week 4 - Systems Part II & Marketing (90 minutes)

In our fourth session we will complete building all systems for your business and talk marketing to bring in new customers. We will complete a 3+ month marketing plan together, which will not require any additional investments from you - as all the tools we'll discuss to grow your business are completely free.

Week 5 - Launch (60 minutes)

In our fifth session we will launch your new or improved business together and I will stick with you through your first sales.

Bonus Session - Post Launch Assessment (60 minutes)

In our bonus session we will work to revise any parts of your new system that can be improved for better customer acquisitionexperience, and/or business-side flows.

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