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Center is for anyone and everyone seeking growth. While many of the resources are music business related, you will find all of the tools you need to start or grow any type of business.

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Mickey is a breath of fresh air when it comes to your needs as an independent artist. She has literally given me career changing advice and information to back it up! I would advise anyone to utilize her services ... but only if you’re ready to put in the work. Action plus knowledge, Mickey knows it and applies it. Songwriter, artist, CEO, author, great business woman and even greater friend.

Mickey made me feel welcome from the second I first met her. She has provided me with several great opportunities and connected me with great people to work with. Thanks to her help I was able to significantly increase my income and expand my circle. She’s super kind and knows her stuff - a force to be reckoned with!

I am forever thankful for Mickey. Through our calls, she has provided me with so much knowledge and inspiration. She knows just how to encourage and push you to your next level of greatness. She has provided me not only with the tools to succeed, but the power in believing more in myself as an Artist. A true paragon in my books!

- Lauratabz

Mickey has been consistently amazing every time we have consulted! She has saved me years of learning lessons the hard way, and given me the wisdom and tools to make my music career a reality and not just a dream!

The main words that describe Mickey for me are prompt, professional and ridiculously talented. She continues to raise the bar and provide helpful insights to bettering myself as an artist. There isn’t a service she doesn’t offer and I honestly couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

- Samara

Mickey not only gets things done in a professional manner, but she also truly cares. She still motivates me to push myself to be better and I couldn’t be more grateful to have connected with her.

- Manuel

I first connected with Mickey in 2018. The writing and singing she contributed to one of my projects were phenomenal. Later that year, her feedback on another song helped me gain more confidence as a songwriter. By this, I mean evaluating the catchiness of a hook and realizing that my first ideas for a melody or verse will likely be my best. Fast forward to 2020, the one-on-one consultations and feedback she provided for two song projects were well worth the investment. I was impressed by the care and attention that she gave each session. Her advice was thoughtful and constructive. What I also really like about Mickey is that she is upfront and tells you what you need to hear concerning the quality of your songs’ lyrics, melody, vocals, music production, etc. If something is subpar, she will let you know, but in a positive manner. 


Mickey is truly a rare gem in the music industry. For someone who works with the biggest names in the game, she has a heart to give back and spends a significant amount of time helping music creatives take their careers to the next level. I will continue to tap into her expertise.

Mickey has been an incredible inspiration just from finding her Instagram, to reading her powerful messages and books. Each conversation I have had since joining HRDRV has taken me steps closer to recording music again. I have completed consultations with both her and Johnny at different times and with different needs and immediately was able to take what was given to me and turn it into work. I have stopped being so hard on myself in regards to my music and have decided to let go and be open to new ways of creating and finding sounds. What I have gained in 5 months as an artist people pay thousands and waste years trying to figure out. Mickey has so many tools at your disposal that once you complete a consult you’ll know exactly where to begin and what you’ll need to do to move forward.

Your favorite actor, musician, sports star...they all have something in common, other than $$$ lol...

They all had a coach or a mentor.  Someone outside of their inner circle to look at their performance objectively and provide advice, direction and a kick in the ass when needed.

No matter where you are at in your journey, this advice can be a game changer...but you have to be open to it, and ready to put in the work, even if you cannot see in the moment how it will up your game.

Ever see The Karate Kid?  I know, it's an old movie, and I'm probably dating myself by referencing it, but there's a scene where Mr Miagi has Daniel paint his fence, wash his car, and sand his deck.

Daniel gets pissed and yells about doing all this labor, until Miagi shows him what he's been doing is actually strengthening his abilities to kick ass in karate.

That is what mentorship can provide.  Everyday I use what I learned from Mickey as my mentor.  What she's provided continues to strengthen my abilities to kick ass and never stop at this music dream.

Thank you Mickey for empowering me and showing me the many paths to victory in this ever evolving landscape of the music biz!

Working with Mickey as a mentor brought so much value to my life. Our monthly meetings were something I looked forward as a source of inspiration and motivation. Not only was I inspired to work harder and create more, but I also developed valuable life habits like time management and saving & investing money. 


Mickey always keeps it 100% real and will challenge you to step your game up and remain consistent. She filled the void of mentorship in my life that kept me accountable to my personal goals on a monthly basis.


As someone who’s truly thriving as an Independent Artist and Entrepreneur, Mickey provides a wealth of knowledge across many topics including songwriting, production, business and finance. She’s quick to respond, always honest, and always professional. I would highly recommend working with Mickey if you are looking to accelerate your personal growth.


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