These are a bunch of the tools I use to keep my businesses (and life) going. I may get a small commission if you use my link, others not. The commission doesn't matter to me, just sharing the awesome!

Music Tools

These are all the platforms I use to administer and organize my music releases.

I use DistroKid to release my music on all streaming platforms. Click the link for a discount!

Songtrust is a publishing administration company. They make it easy to register your publishing! Songtrust has collected thousands of dollars on my behalf that I never would've received. They take 15% for admin, but it's worth the trade off, trust me. And it's non-exclusive. Click the link for $20 off the one-time signup fee.

All of my gear recommendations. You don't need to spend a lot to start your home studio and make great music.

My good friends at Legion Beats have made over $1M leasing beats online, and they have the system to show other producers how to to do it. The training is free! Click the link.

Life Tools

Platform(s) I use to manage my time and LIFE!

I've used TickTick the past 2 years consistently, and it is one of the biggest reasons for my time management success. It is a to-do list, mixed with calendar, mixed with general lifesaver. Way better than Gmail or iCal - trust me.

Financial Tools

These are some of the apps I use to get credit card fees BACK, auto-save and micro-invest! Note, I've deleted a couple apps recently so they may not be listed here. I like to keep these lists updated, only promoting what I actually use!

Investing can be intimidating, but E*Trade makes it easy and their customer service is great. If you're not currently investing in traditional stocks, you should be! Small investments here and there go a long way for a long-term thinker. Start by investing in the companies you use or believe in.

I've gotten over $1,500+ in credit card fees back using Cushion - it's totally safe and only $4.99/year. They make money by taking a small fee out of what they get you back! Try it out. By the way, all of my friend's I've referred have gotten money back too :)

If you're anything like me and still kinda "confused" about cryptocurrency - welcome to your holy grail. Crypto is a crypto-trading platform but ALSO a credit card with awesome benefits (like money back on you Spotify subscription and more). Simplifies all the confusion, check it out.