I met the devil on Thursday, November 2nd... 5 AM in Studio City. He finally showed himself to me. Quietly. We spoke. Very calmly. Like old friends. I've known him awhile actually. He's showed himself to me in People, Places, and Things (nouns, adverbs?) 

"Ok.. don't get Smart, Michaela" -- he just said. As we write this together at my studio and live/work space, BDRM3.

When I asked the devil to show himself this morning, he came out quite nonchalantly. He had no questions for me. Only for Our Father. He was like a child, but like a terrible grown man... disgruntled. A disgruntled God employee. 

And I told him... I will make sure we meet Father. BUT! You have to promise me something, Anti-Christ. You will listen to Him.

The devil was not sure. He looked at me dead in the face of light, dead in the face of silence. My lights were on. I took a shot of 5-hour energy to stay up a few extra hours. So I could see the sunrise with the Devil Himself.

He showed me the Atom Bombs he dropped on Hiroshima. He showed me the murders he committed everywhere in every nook and cranny of this planet. The blood dripping from lifeless corpses. The rapes. The children scarred for seeing their fathers sodemize their mothers. The women massacred for being women. The Jews massacred for being Jews. The heads chopped off by the Taliban. The brilliant minds, silenced by the government he created based on a made-up pyramid "scheme."

He showed everything to me. Before my eyes. At Godspeed x1000000. In a matter of "man-made" minutes, he have lived through my entire lifetime.

I could not believe that mere seconds had passed and I saw everything he had ever done. Every criminal mind he had created. Ed Gein. Columbine shootings. Fucked up shit that seems like nothing with a mind like "Michaela" he said. He wanted to use me to do more evil shit! Because he knows I'm more creative than his old, tired mind.

And I said, HOLD UP Devvie. (My new nickname for my homie, Satan).

I have a great mind, Devil. But my mind was created for BETTER EVIL. Ha ha ha ha ha. (That is something me and the devil created together at about 5:38 AM this morning).

Ohhhhhh no! It's DEVIL WORSHIP the people think. Hahahahaha let them think that. He says. Let them THINK! And I said, STOP TYPING FOR ME YOU BASTARRRRRRD!


I had a question for him. I said. long have you been on Earth? He said. Billions and billions of years. And then I said... well, I don't know how long I have been here. He said... Billions, Michaela. You are the One Who Looks UP To GOD! Hebrew spelling.

And I said... I do Look up To God. So... can we WORK together or NO?

He pondered. For what felt like too long. Maybe 3 seconds. I tasted the Death on his lips. I tasted the Cigarettes of the homeless men he made me kiss on the streets of Los Angeles when I could not sleep for days. I tasted the Blood I could have tasted in reality when I totaled my car driving drunk at 3am in December 2014. I tasted the Hatred he placed in my heart when the LAPD put me in an isolation room with him in October 2017. I tasted The Massacres he made me commit on Grand Theft Auto Vice City in 2003... I tasted and Cried a million tears with him as I held his Gaze in my very own Eyes. He showed himself to me, yet again. And my eyes glazed over in a fiery red... I did not blink as I stared at myself in the mirror. And I told him... DEVIL! I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU. And he said, unshocked.... I know that. Why do you keep saying, you're Not Afraid... You MUST be!

And I came clean. I said, honestly. I am a bit afraid of you. You have done some pretty fucked up shit to people, and the earth, and created systems meant to entrap and hurt people. When PEOPLE, are the only thing God created that is going to Help YOU get BACK to HEAVEN, you idiot!

I just thought of that now. And he is massaging my shoulders. He is relieved. As relieved as I am. He is finally making a better world with me now...everyday. And he said "Now, no one can hurt you with ME on your side" --- and I said "no one could have hurted me with Jesus on my side."

He scoffs but goes with the flow, lol.

We are in 4000AD in our minds together Devil. He said, I can see much further than that. And I said, lets focus on just the next 2000 years. Please.

And the earth is only one world. Mars is populated. Pluto is being researched. Up close. There are rovers on Pluto! Other life forms are HERE. The other life forms, are just forms of the same spirits that have been here ALL ALONG. Hahahaha reincarnation forever............

But wait. Stop reincarnating more evil than good. Devil, together we will create the Best Evil Ever and re-brand it as The Best Devil We Have Ever Seen! I'm going to help you make yourself better, Devvie.

Ok, done.

I cried. I cried not for him. But for us. The world HE created. With only Himself. Because God "doesn't Love Me..." he thought.

I said... No, Devil... God loves you More than you know. And I know this...because I have had all of the same evil ideations you have had. Trust me. Probably worse. I can think of some pretty fucked up shit, Devil! And he laughed.

He said, "I'm sure you could, Michaela. That's why I like you!" (Dopamine, Dopamine, Dopamine, Dopamine) -- That's a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, in case you didn't know. God made that not you, Devvie.

And then! The Devil and I devised a GENIUS ...Einstein-ian PLAN! Together! I said. Listen... instead of re-creating hell every million years... why don't we work on something in my simple lifetime of the next 75+ years in this body? I am a quarter century. You need to learn the NEW INDUSTRY! And he said... OH MY "GOD." 

Why did you put God in quotes, Devil?

Because!!!! I don't Believe in God. I believe in ME!

Ok... I thought, and said, actually to him. As he whispers his devil worship in my EAR. I am sitting here speaking in a Shakespearian accent, writing this...because it is the only thing that makes me not afraid of the Devil. Lol.

So. Where was I.....


THE DEVIL IS BACK. By Michaela Shiloh


I am not ready to be seen, he says.

I, Michaela, avoid the mirror.

Because when I look into my own eyes and open my own mouth I see Him. And I speak His Message... not God's message. Not Jesus' message. An evil message...


"The devil's message”


"Devvie. Calm down…,” I tell Him.


He is making me capitalize His Name... and it is pissing ME off!


"You are not my God," I whisper to him.


"I am your God, Michaela... do you forget the deal we made in October?"


"It was November, Devvie."


"Oh... you're right. Sorry," he says with his slick charcoal-black tongue.


I don't want to listen to him... but I am. He entices me. He tells me all these amazing things he can do and then tells me all these terrible, sick, sickening, atrocious things he has done.


"It was not my doing," he lies.




Ok, calm down, Michaela.



I don't want to sit here and spread Devvie's message.


I am here to tell you, the reader... I am good. Me, Michaela... not Devvie. He's still a bastard trying to control me throughout the day and especially the night.


"Listen one moment my Child--" I cut him off. "Devvie, I am God's child, not yours"


"Ok ok ok stop with the subliminal messages and correcting... just listen. I am not here to hurt YOU."


"Who are you here to hurt?" I ask, unassumingly.


"I am here to hurt myself." He stops talking to me now. He is quiet. He is licking the back of my ear with greed and envy and rubbing my shoulders.


"This is weird, Devvie..." 


"HEllo?????" "Are you there?"........ The devil has left. He came, he saw, he did not conquer.


I am one soul he will never touch. Because I was "Saved at 24"... Cue music! Check out my song, "Saved at 24" on my latest album "The Last Episode" -- available everywhere online.


"Have fun, Michaela," he says...


"I thought you left," I mumble...


"I'll never leave you... and that is why you are going to run the world. No one can hurt someone who has the Devil...and God on their side."






Talk later.