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Mickey Shiloh Hooks

Once you purchase a song it will be exclusively yours.  Please allow 48 hours for it to be removed from the store and for all files to be sent to you after purchase.

Please note: There may be multiple versions of the same song - but you will be the only one with the specific one you purchase!

You are not required to keep my vocals, but you can!

Before releasing the song, please clear the final mix with me.

The producer retains 33% master and 33% publishing of the song.
I, Mickey Shiloh, the songwriter/vocalist of the hook retain 33% master and 33% publishing of the song.
You, the purchaser, retain 34% master and 34% publishing of the song.

Master is streaming royalties (which you register with your online distributor or label when you release).
Publishing royalties are collected by Performance Rights Organizations like BMI or ASCAP.


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