The importance of cultivating your creative space

Hey ya'll!

This post is about your physical space. Yes, the literal space around you - where you breathe, sleep, eat and create.

I often talk to clients via Zoom or FaceTime, and I must admit - I look at their surroundings. Yup... I see your dirty laundry on the floor, your disorganized shelves, and your dim/depressing lighting. (No judgement though).

For those of you that are writing and recording at home, I can't stress enough how important it is that you cultivate a vibe. Clean up! Grab some cool, inexpensive lights and trinkets on Amazon! Light some candles, incense, sage - or whatever it is that inspires your senses! Put up quotes or posters of some of your favorite creatives! The list is endless.

When your creative space is cluttered and/or disorganized, it often subconsciously translates into our own feelings of being unproductive, uninspired, and more. An uninspiring space can often lead to WRITER'S BLOCK.

My challenge for you this week is to finally do some housekeeping! This is the first step in setting yourself up for creative success. Why do you think professional recording studios always "set a vibe"? You can do the same from home!

I've got a VIBES list on Amazon, maybe it'll give you some inspo.



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