Need help building a strong brand identity? Don't know what exactly you represent or what you want to represent? Need help covering the basics of logo design, brand manual, core values, brand strategy and more?


I got you.


This includes logo design, brand manual creation, merch designs & production coordination, free consult calls any time during the duration of the project.


Step 1: Conduct a Thorough Brand Audit

The first step is to determine where you stand in your specific marketplace and to understand who your customer is.


Step 2: Establish Your Unique Value Proposition and Messaging Statements

In order for a branding effort to be successful, a company must first identify its core philosophies, such as its mission statement and values.


Step 3: Develop Your Brand's Creative Elements

The next step is to create the look, feel, and voice of the brand that will be carried through all marketing channels - from the website, to social media, advertisements, and packaging.


Step 4: Implement Strategies to Establish the Brand Identity

A brand identity is built over time. You must implement several strategies to help grow brand awareness and strengthen the brand. It builds a robust social media presence using all of the appropriate channels to communicate directly with the desired target audience whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Brand Identity Formation

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    There are no refunds after any designs, products, mock-ups, assets or the like have been delivered in any digital or physical format. This includes but is not limited to deliverables sent via email communication, social media communication, physical mail, etc.

    I am not an unreasonable person. Special circumstances may require special handlings.

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