50/50 on streaming royalites and publishing. Uncredited feature, unless approved by me first. To approve release please email: mickey@mickeyshiloh.com 


Any violation of terms will result in legal action and take down of song.

conspiracies (acapella)

  • Any violation of the terms or rules below will result in legal action and take down of song.


    • I, Michaela Shiloh, retain 50% publishing and royalties on final record
    • I, Michaela Shiloh, must approve all releases, physical and digital
    • I, Michaela Shiloh, professionally known as Mickey Shiloh, must remain Uncredited on any releases- unless otherwise discussed
    • Any releases to major platforms must be uploaded via Distrokid.com 
    • If original title of my song is used, your release title must contain (Remix)


    • Chopping up / pitch shifting / manipulating my vocals any way you’d like 
    • Combining acapellas together to make new songs 
    • Changing the song title 
    • After approval, releasing to all major streaming platform and monetizing your 50%

    NOT OK

    • Releasing a record with my voice on any streaming platforms or creating physical copies without clearing with me first via email (mickey@mickeyshiloh.com)
    • Creating samples or sound kits with my voice and selling them
    • Uploading to Soundcloud and monetizing
    • Another artist singing or re-creating the song for their own release
    • Negotiating TV/film sync licensing without my knowledge

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