Full eBook formatting by Serchis Creative (based in Romania). All services are coordinated by Mickey Shiloh.


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Formatting for up to 200 pages.

Includes book cover design if needed.

$7/per extra page after page 200.


All you need to do is send in your manuscript as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. Must be spell-checked and the final written draft. No formatting already needed.


Serchis will format it for ePub, iBooks, Amazon Kindle and deliver as a final PDF.


Turn-around time: 30 Days or Less


3 free revision sessions. Additional revision prices may vary based on time required. 

eBook Formatting

  • I work for 200% client satisfaction and will do everything in my power to avoid the word "refund" ever being a topic of discussion.

    There are no refunds after any designs, products, mock-ups, assets or the like have been delivered in any digital or physical format. This includes but is not limited to deliverables sent via email communication, social media communication, physical mail, etc.

    I am not an unreasonable person. Special circumstances may require special handlings.

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