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Feature Vocals
Rate starts at $5,000
I will write and record a hook and/or verse feature for you within 10 days and send you the vocal stems. For commercial release with 15% master and 15% publishing.

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Songwriting + Demo Vocal
Rate starts at $3,500
I will write and record a full song for you to shop to other artists. Delivery time is 10 days or less. With 50% publishing.

Demo Vocal Only
Rate starts at $2,000

I will record a ​song that is already written for shopping purposes only. NOT for commercial release with my vocals. Delivery time is 5 days or less. No publishing.
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Virtual Writing Session

4 hours is $4,000

Currently all of my writing sessions are held virtually (via Zoom). I will co-write your song(s) with you (or fully write myself if desired), provide an instrumental for free (if needed), and do the final demo recording(s) for you.​ We can do an unlimited amount of songs within our session time.

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